WooCommerce,JS,WP: Installing the WeSay Star Rating Badge on Category/Catalog Pages

Welcome! It’s great to have your onboard at WeSay!

Follow this guide to quickly start displaying multiple star rating badge on your catalog/category page.

Install WeSay 

  1. Go to https://console.wesay.life/app/ugc/displays/reviews-widget and click on ‘WooCommerce’ tab (or any other platform you are using) and follow the instructions.
  2. Review widget should now appear in your product pages

Add multiple Star Rating Badge on Catalog/Category page

  1. You can run a multiple product star rating badge instances by giving each badge container/div a unique custom selector Identifier.
  2. You can write a loop that duplicates the following with a different product id and different element selector id.
         productId: '### REPLACE-WITH-PRODUCT-ID ###',
<div id="### YOUR-CUSTOM-SELECTOR-ID ###"></div>

For a single star rating badge on a product page follow the instructions on https://console.wesay.life/app/ugc/displays/badges

That’s all you need to know for now to get you started! if you require more in-depth explanation on the various functions and features our support team is always available through email at support@wesay.life 🙂

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